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• 6/5/2018

Episode ideas if alex decided he wanted to make a thrid season

i found these on the web

Gravity over Yonder 1 hr special

What ever happened to Soos?

Gravity Falls and SVTFOE

Girl Troubles
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• 6/6/2018
2. An episode revealing some of Bill's past and why he became insane
3. Stan and Ford's adventures
4. A series of episodes where GF is not told in 3rd person view; rather in a character's view ( example: E1 will be in Dipper's POV E2 will be in Soos' POV and so on.) To see how the characters react to their environment
5. An ep. about an unsolved mystery
• 6/6/2018
1.Soos is married and is a loving and caring stay at home Dad.
2.Ford and Stan’s adventures on the stan’o’war.
3.Wendy and Dipper are a couple.
4.Dipper and Mabel’s parents decide to move to gravity falls.
5.Mable starts a sweater selling business.
• 6/6/2018
1.Crossovers w/ Steven Universe, Wander Over Yonder
2.Bill’s backstory
3. More stories of younger Stan and Ford
4. Soos running the mystery shack
• 6/7/2018
ooo mable il buy a sweater plz and Dorito squad
• 6/9/2018
Rick and morty crossover
• 6/9/2018
Or a whole new Gravity Falls show based on the past of Gravity Falls, the story of Ford from his arrival to the battle in the Quadrangle of Quadfusion
• 6/11/2018
People stop dreaming! Season three is NEVER going to happen
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