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• 6/3/2018


I just found these theories on the web so i will list them.

Gideon Works with the Government Agents

Mabel is Transgender

Mabel's Future Disappearance

Mabel's Paranormal Twin

Pacifica's Memories Were Wiped

Dipper and Mabel Will Drift Apart

Pacifica Was Adopted

Robbie Was Possessed

Dipper is a transgender

Dipper Is Possessed by Bill Still
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• 6/4/2018
At every one my eyes kept wide'nin and me mouth kept dropping. Woah.
• 6/4/2018
Some theories are so wild but some makes some kind of sense
• 6/5/2018
Most of them look just dumb to me.
But: Pacifica's memories were wiped makes sense.
Dipper and Mabel will separate is TOTALLY OBVIOUS.
• 6/7/2018
I don't think that's true
• 6/7/2018
Bill Sipper is not dead because Uncle Stan's memory is not all gone so Bill Sipper is in Stan's mind
• 6/7/2018
What do you mean "you don't think that's true"? About Dipper and Mabel will separate?
• 6/12/2018
Those are some interesting theories
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